Supernatural in the Catholic religion

François Jeulin

I. The basis : the Bible
    1. Recurrent human characters
      The old wise man
      The young man chosen by God
      The poor and excluded persons
    2. Supernatural characters
      Good ones : Got and his angels
      Evil ones : Satan and demons
    3. Manifestations of supernatural
      Use of magic items and formulas
    4. The power of symbols : words and numbers
      Power of words
      Use of numbers
    5. Usual themes from the New Testament
I. Further developments of Catholicism
    1. Absorption of pagan beliefs
      Replacement of former fetes and divinities
      Generation of new forms of rituals and belief
    2. Development of its own “magic” rituals
      The mass
    3. Creation of popular fantastic images
      Development of current images
      Creation of a “mythology”, and legends
    4. Perversion of catholic institutions
      Satanism and catholic institutions
      Creation of exorcism rituals
      Strange activities for religious communities
      Excessive taste for secrecy